Site Rules: ForumEdit

You get three strikes on the forum, the punishment will depend on the rules you broke and will be discussion about it with the admins. You're name will also appear in either the Strike topic.


He watches the forum carefully

If you get one strike, you have one week to not break any more rules, then you're name will be took off it, if you get two strikes then you have two weeks of good behaviour to do. If you get three strikes then you get a ban. Here are the rules you will need to follow:

  1. No drama. It creates an endless chain of more drama.
  2. As per the rule above, don't put up anything in the forums that involves you wanting to commit suicide. Funimation wiki is not a place to put up suicide notes.
  3. Irrelevant topics that are put up in the forums will be deleted immediately.
  4. Non-sensical topics are contradicted in this place.
  5. The forums are not a place to advertise other wikis. 
  6. No double posts. If you made a mistake, edit it or ask an admin to.
  7. No spamming. (Streching letters, writing something stupid, constantly posting)
  8. No harassing or arguing with someone on the forum.
  9. No racist, sexiest, homophic, fascism or bashing of any kind.
  10. No 'Over the top God-Modding' in the RP. (You can stab someone or push them back, but no making them die or something stupid)
  11. Try to keep the right conversation in the right forum. (Not a ban-able rule, unless it's constantly broken)
  12. Use proper spelling and grammar, so no CAP TALK or AlTeNaTe CaP tAlK.
  13. Obey the admins! 
  14. And please... I'm pretty sure you know how to speak proper English. So please... PLEASE, avoid sentences like, Oh wahw gurl wana b ma frehnd? Yu a cuul gurl Imma get yo nambah!!" So please, avoid sentences like this.
  15. And when we say don't use that kind of English, it doesn't mean you have to use the most proper and the most sophisticated English. We just want you to use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, terms, etc.