SS2 Gohan

He will ban you if you break any rules

Site RulesEdit

There are quite a few rules on the site, all to keep things in check in the site. Different places might have different rules. The more severe rules can result in a ban, which will get longer and longer the more you break the rules.

  1. No spamming.
  2. No causing drama.
  3. No sockpuppets.
  4. No harassing, abusing, threatening or intimidating people.
  5. No causing others into rule-breaking. (Flamebaiting)
  6. No posting videos or links which other may find offence, racist, intolerant to their gender / sexual prefence / religion. Including pornographic, or anything illegal.
  7. No impersonating another user.
  8. No asking others for passwords or personal information. (Bank details or anything of the sort.)
  9. No stealing other peoples ideas, stories, characters or anything they made up.
  10. No sexism talk!
  11. No homophobic talk!
  12. Wikis: Links to other wikis are okay to be posted, as long as you don't flood the chat saying "Hey guys come to this wiki (Link of the website)" repeatedly, this is considered as SPAM. Post links to a wiki 2-5 times, between half an hour after posting the previous link. 

All of the above will result in one warning, then a ban. Some smaller but stil important rules are:

  1. No inappropiate behaviour.
  2. No inappropiate profiles / songs.
  3. No Role-playing out of the RP section in the Forum.
  4. No advertising / promoting without the permission from an admin / the Founder (Zack -The Undead Soldier Skye)
  5. No editing just to get them, or get achievements and other stuff.
  6. Keep the pages in English, or if you're quoting something, write down the English meaning underneath it or in brackets (Like this)
  7. If you have added a story page, don't leave it. It will get deleted after one week if it has no been moved. Read [insert page here] to understand how and what to do.

All of these will be a warning to you on your page.

The other pages with rules are listed below:

  1. Site Rules: Chat
  2. Site Rules: Forum
  3. Site Rules: Anime Stories (Fanfic)